Our Brands

Regent Caravans have over 25 years experience in building quality vehicles for Australia’s harshest conditions. 

These caravans offer modern, elegant and outstanding styles and designs for the most comfortable and affordable caravan. 

Snowy River Caravans are built with one purpose – to create quality caravans, with a focus on attention to detail.

These beautifully manufactured imported vans have an aluminium frame and fibreglass exterior for superior strength and durability.

The focus of NextGen’s caravans is to provide a wide range of vehicles at an affordable rate with excellent value for money. 

After a decade of commitment to improving the quality of the NextGen range, NextGen has built deep-roots, trustworthiness and a reliable reputation in the industry. 

Avida, is a great Australian icon in the industry, Manufacturing RVs since 1965. 

Avida is one of Australia’s best manufacturers of Australian motorhomes and RVs, with over 50 years of experience. Avida offers peace of mind from its proven track record. 

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