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The Snowy River Caravan range is designed to cater for everyone. 

Including small caravans with lighter tare’s for smaller tow vehicles, to couple touring vans, vans with bunks, to the spacious slide-out options. 

Snowy River Caravans are multi-award winners for a reason, and all vans are classed as semi-off-road to take you on the road less traveled. Or, take the multi-terrain model and take the off-road route. Either way, there’s a Snowy that’ll suit your budget, family, and travels. 


Discover Why Snowy River Caravans Are Multi-Award Winners:

Why Choose A Snowy River Caravan?

ALOPEX Construction Method

Every model is welded with an aluminium frame using XPS foam insulation. Vacuum-bonded fibreglass is included on either side ensuring a rigid, tough and innovative foundation for the caravans build. Plus, it just looks better.

5 Year + 2 Year Warranty

With such a high level of confidence in the manufacturing of each van, Snowy River Caravans back the product quality with a 5 year structural warranty (non-cosmetic) and a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Just giving peace of mind.

Multi-Award Winner

Snowy River Caravans won Caravan World's "Best Value for Money" award on numerous occasions, accompanied by the "Best Aussie Van Under 60k" accolade. Snowy River's are loaded with benefits other brands can only use as extra's.

How Are Snowy's Built?

Quality has not been left to chance with Snowy Rivers. 

Using a substantial amount of resources, research, and investment to design the flawless, lightweight, durable floor and sandwich panels Snowys’ have today. All. Built. In. House… 

The floor of a caravan is arguably one of the most crucial if not critical elements. In Snowy’s, the floor does more than just support the walls, but all of the internal elements of the vehicle too. Hence why the floors are built with an impressive amount of strength. 

Each floor is built using singular 42mm thick sandwiched panels. Using aluminum welded frames as the core structure. 3mm fiberglass skin is combined with the vinyl layer with an additional 30mm XPS high-density foam. The bottom layer adds a 3mm fiberglass chequer plate finishing for protection from debris. 

See Why Snowy's Are Built Better

What About The Chassis?

As forward-thinking manufacturers dedicated to quality control, Snowy River Caravans manufacture their own chassis. 

Made using Duragal rectangular hollow sections, combined with the floor’s construction, a lightweight, durable, and solid foundation is created. 

An organic, Zinc-rich silver metallic is painted over the chassis as the final touch. 

ALOPEX is the construction of the walls and roof of the Snowy River Caravans. Built with a sandwich panel construction method. 

Not only are they more stylish and easier on the eyes than typical caravan exterior’s, but the ALOPEX offers better insulation. Using a 32mm thick sandwich panel with no gaps or potential for water leaks. The aluminium frame is the core structure, and the internal component offers 3 mm of fiberglass bringing the lively interior to life. Making it easier to clean. 

An additional 25mm of XPS high-density foam is graciously added. Finally, 3mm of fiberglass gives a smooth and glamorous looking exterior, strong enough to withstand hail. 

What About The Suspension System?

ALKO Independent Rubber Suspensions (IRS) are fitted into Snowy River’s as standard equipment, also referred to as torsion suspension. 

The suspension method has been proven worthy to face the Aussie tough terrain and harsh conditions, from dirt tracks to bitumen motorways, from the outback to the off-track trails. 

The suspension boasts a simple yet effective engineering background that gives that smooth, sturdy and comfortable towing pleasures. The unique aspect is the hexagonal axle tube, housing three rubber elements secured by triple-fluted axle tubes. Road shock dampened by the compression of the rubber through suspension movement between full bumps and rebounds. 

The self-dampening capabilities of the rubber slows the suspension rebound, for the smooth cruise of towing a Snowy River. 

And..... What About The Electrics?

The component that brings any recreational vehicle to life is the 12V and 240V electrical system. The necessary system gives power and electricity during a road trip, holiday, movable business or office, or even a full-time live-in home on wheels. 

Safety for the traveler is the most important consideration, taking that into account, Snowy River Caravans’ electrical systems have been safeguarded against events of overloading. 


Snowy River’s trusted electrical partner is Projecta Battery Management systems which fits the fuse box, solar controllers, battery chargers, water pump switches, hot water cut-off switches, and primary loads. 

The bulk of the electric system is grouped and mounted into a single overhead cupboard for convenient access. 

Each van is thoroughly inspected by qualified and experienced electricians before dispatch, and collated with an electrical certificate for peace of mind. 

How About The Overall Finishing?

The cabinetry and furniture of the van’s are crafted from premium quality plywood, rather than MDF. Every panel is secured in a neat finish, then laminated with acrylic materials which is chosen by the consumer from the variety of colour and style options. 

The round edges of the furniture adds the hint of luxury and elegance, coupled with gentle closing gas struts and durable handles. 

The Standard Safety features of Snowy River Caravans are not to be underestimated. Each van includes a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm and the critical equipment that shuts off all switches. Each van is designed for performance to withstand a range of travel conditions, weight distribution is a paramount factor in towing performance. 

The emergency brake system immediately applies to the caravans brakes bringing the van to a complete standstill in the event that the van detaches from the tow vehicle unexpectedly. The ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is an add-on that gives towing stability and better road handling. 

Snowy's Small Range

With a Snowy, the small vans can go a long way. Owning one of the smaller models, core features aren’t compromised. If you’ve never towed, prefer lightweight towing or not interested in upgrading your tow vehicle then a smaller caravan would suit you better. 

Fortunately Snowy River Caravans have compact models from 14ft body’s and higher, offering a more affordable and competitive price. The smaller vans still have plenty of space for a kitchen, fridge, bed, air-conditioning, dining table, shower and a toilet. 

The type of travellers the small range is built for is explorers of Australia, that plan on going beyond the bitumen. They are semi-terrain, but fully insulated. No canvas needed. 


The smallest van kitted with all the essentials for your next adventure. Combining semi-terrain and lightweight build features with a toilet, shower, kitchen and dining. Ideal for solo adventurers or couples seeking a compact van at a great price.


Bringing you the benefit of a separate toilet and shower in the semi off-road caravan. Full ensuite, L-shaped lounge and an east-west bed as standard. Ideal for a couple of explorers chasing the perfect balance between big enough and small enough.


When you don't want to bother your partner in bed, you take the north-south bed. Delivering you with the feature necessary, including the separate toilet, spacious L-shape lounge, queen bed, you'll love it no matter.

Internal Features of The Small Vans 

  • Reverse air-con for comfy travel
  • TV Bracket With An Antenna
  • Hot Water System
  • Internal Shower & Toilet
  • Microwave
  • 120A Battery
  • Stereo & Internal Speakers
  • Stovetop & Fridge

They may be small, but not on the inclusions.


Exterior Features of The Small Vans

  • Built With Fiberglass 
  • Sandwich Panel Walls 
  • Aluminium Frame On Rubber Torsion Suspension 
  • Chequer Plate Protection 
  • Lightweight and Tow Friendly 
  • 2 x 9kg Gas Bottles 
  • 2 x 95 ltr Freshwater Tanks
  • Tunnel Boot 
  • Side Awning & Picnic Table 
  • External Speakers 

Snowy's Slide-Out Range

Slide-out van’s are similar to traditional full-height caravans, but with the motorised section of the wall built-in to slide out when the van is setup for the stay. When ready to track back home, the battery operated slide-in takes a few short moments to retract, ready to tow again. Every slide-out has space for add-on’s, like island beds or club lounges that would not typically fit in a floor plan of the same width and length without it. Simply, it just feels more stylish. 


Feel like you haven't left the comfort of home with the internal shower and toilet, washing machine and slide-out club lounge. Plenty of space for family, or friends, maybe both.. Have no trouble falling asleep in the comfy queen-sized bed after a day of fun and adventure.


Explore the beauty of Australia in comfort, style and luxury with the SRC-22S. Every bit and piece has been thought of already to make the trips easy, memorable and enough room for friends and fam. From jamming good music on the speakers, to sun-downers from the double door fridge. Make the most out of life with the 22S.

External Features of Slide-Out's

NextGen Caravans offers a range of ultimate off-road caravans and bunk caravans designed and manufactured in Australia using high-quality materials. With features such as heavy-duty suspension, solar panels, and spacious interiors, these caravans are perfect for adventure-seekers and families. Safety is a top priority, with ADR approval and a team of experienced staff. Each caravan comes with external storage space, solar panels, gas bottles, and freshwater tanks for an unbeatable off-road experience.

Internal Features of Slide-Outs

The SRC range of slide-out caravans from NextGen Caravans come packed with standard features to ensure comfort and convenience while travelling. These include reverse cycle air conditioning, a comfortable queen-sized bed, a full ensuite with a washing machine and hot water system, a 173ltr 3-way fridge, gas burner cooktop with a grill, and a 120AH AGM battery to power the LED lighting, stereo system and 22" LCD TV.

Family Caravans


Introducing the latest model to the 2022 SRC range, the SRC-20F. This semi off-road ensuite bunk caravan offers entertainment, freedom, and affordability for families. With high-density XPS foam insulation, it provides excellent temperature control in all seasons. Read on to learn more about the SRC-20F.


The SRC-22F caravan is ideal for families who want to travel comfortably. It includes a triple bunk bed, fridge, 2.5kg washing machine, four-burner cooktop with Mini Grill, microwave, TV, and air conditioner. The 4" DuraGal steel box-section chassis and rubber torsion suspension provide durability and support for your family's adventure.

External Features of Family Caravans

The SRC family caravans are built for semi off-road adventures, with durable sandwich panel walls, fibreglass exterior, and chequer plate protection. The aluminium frame and rubber torsion suspension enable you to venture beyond the bitumen and into the wild. The external shower helps keep the mud and sand outside, while the 200w solar panel keeps your devices charged during longer trips. The awning provides shade, and the twin 9kg gas bottles and large 95ltr freshwater tanks allow for extended free camping.

Internal Features of Family Caravans

The SRC range offers family-friendly models that come with an L-shaped lounge, bunk beds for the kids, and a large bed for the adults, ensuring everyone gets a good night's sleep wherever they go. You can choose from single, double, or triple bunk options and enjoy the convenience of a 173ltr two-door fridge for easy stocking up between stops. These models also include a full ensuite with a washing machine, ensuring you don't have to plan your trips around amenities. The reverse cycle air conditioning and 120AH battery power the LED lights, stereo system, and 22″ LCD TV, with an additional box available for a 2nd battery if needed.

The Extended Range


The SRC-18 is a highly durable semi off-road caravan with an ensuite designed to withstand even the harshest Australian conditions. Its sturdy frame is constructed with a combination of aluminium extrusions and high-density XPS insulating foam and can handle an ATM of up to 2500KG.


The SRC-19 is a versatile and dependable caravan that can be configured with a queen island bed or single beds. Its fiberglass exterior and welded aluminium frame ensure durability and strength while maintaining a lightweight design, with an ATM of 2500kg.


The SRC20 is an exciting addition to the 2022 range of semi off-road caravans with ensuite. With its stylish and spacious design, this caravan boasts a comfortable queen bed and well-appointed café dinette, perfect for entertaining or relaxing during your travels.


The 2022 SRC-21 is an award-winning semi-off-road caravan with an ensuite and ample storage. It boasts a practical and stylish design that's perfect for travel and camping. Its intuitive layout is carefully considered and makes it a standout addition to the SRC model range.


The 2019 Best Aussie Van award-winning caravan is back with the 2022 SRC-22 release. This affordable caravan offers top-quality features and easy towing, making it one of the best value for money options in Australia.


The SRC-23 caravan offers a luxurious experience on wheels with a queen bed, club lounge, full ensuite, and spacious kitchen. The semi off-road caravan has plenty of windows for natural light and a bright, open interior reminiscent of a luxury yacht.

Customer Reviews

“After over 10K Kms of driving with this van then I am very happy with it, best value for money out there and built strong”


- Edward Vassallo

Best caravan I’ve had so far, the quality of the build and insulation is outstanding, everything works, no leaks and tows perfectly, we’ve had ours for 3 years now and had no problems.


- Jim

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